I started my journey covering the Indiana Pacers in quite an unconventional fashion. I was a fan of the NBA and more specifically the Indiana Pacers, even though my origin is in Ohio. As most everyone does, I got my wisdom teeth removed and consequently was given a fair dosage of medication. Then, I gave an emotional rant about Victor Oladipo (who was fresh off his Quadriceps injury) and my story began. After a few media publications re-posted my video, everyone saw me cry, but also how passionate I was for Indiana.

Since then, I wrote for a local website to share my thoughts on games and predict the outcomes for others. Next, I transitioned to a contributor for the Fansided publication of the Indiana Pacers, 8points9seconds.com. I spent multiple seasons in that role before being given the opportunity to take over the site as a manager of content and editor of articles published on the site. Now, my time is split between both managing the site for 8points9seconds and providing this weekly newsletter here on PacersPress and much more.

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My life-long fandom of Indiana basketball allows me to combine my love for statistics and the game to bring an informative experience in how I craft my reporting. Enjoy content without ads and get access to the news before anyone else. Subscribe to get full access to the newsletter and website. Never miss an update on all things Indiana basketball — we recap the news each week and consolidate it into one easy-to-read location so you don’t miss a beat.

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Zach Pearson
Publisher of pacerpress.com, an NBA publication centered on Indiana basketball. Formerly covered the Pacers for 8points9seconds.com as the Site Expert for multiple seasons. Additional work seen on NBA.com, SI, and B/R.